Get up close and personal with science as Andrew Kessler narrates his hilarious journey inside NASA’s Phoenix Mars mission—a historic enterprise manned by a motley crew of rocket scientists

The Phoenix Mars mission was the first man-made probe ever sent to the Martian arctic. Its purpose was to find out how climate change could turn a warm, wet planet (read: Earth) into a cold, barren desert (read: Mars). Along the way, Phoenix discovered a giant frozen ocean trapped beneath the north pole of Mars, exotic food for aliens, and liquid water, and laid the foundation for NASA’s current exploration of Mars using the Curiosity rover.

This is not science fiction. It’s fact. And for the luckiest fanboy in fandom, it was the best vacation ever. Andrew Kessler spent the summer of 2008 in NASA’s mission control with one hundred thirty of the world’s best planetary scientists and engineers as they carried out this ambitious operation. He came back with a story of human drama about modern-day pioneers battling NASA politics, temperamental robots, and the bizarre world of daily life in mission control.

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ABOUT Andrew Kessler


    Andrew Kessler quit his job to live on Mars.  His granny thought it was a crazy idea but figured if this book thing doesn't pan out, his new knowledge of spacecrafts will get him a job at NASA. Andrew has produced, written and directed award-winning content for television, print, and the web.

     As part of his Phoenix Mars training, Kessler co-produced Mars: The Quest for Life, a Discovery Channel documentary about the mission. A co-creator of the My Home 2.0 TV series, Kessler was responsible for all creative aspects of this innovative technology make-over show. 

    Part of a writing duo that invented a high school sophomore superhero training to be the “fastest human on the face of the earth,” his “Bring the Fast” series of Web films garnered accolades, awards, and audiences with its quirky take on branded content.  

    Kessler’s projects earned dozens of awards, including the Cannes Cyber Lion Silver, The One Show Interactive, Horizon Interactive, New York Addys, and multiple Webby wins.  Before working in advertising, but after running an illegal art gallery in the south of France, Kessler wanted to be a mathematician, so he got his degree at the University of California at Berkeley. 

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