The heart-warming story of the incredible friendship between National Geographic star Casey Anderson and an 800-lb grizzly bear named Brutus

Casey Anderson, the host of National Geographic’s “Expedition Grizzly,” met a month-old bear cub in a wildlife preserve in 2002, whom he affectionately named Brutus. Little Brutus was destined to remain in captivity or, more likely, even be euthanized due to overpopulation at the preserve. From the beginning it was clear something special existed between the two. And so, Anderson built the Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, Montana. And the love story began. The Story of Brutus proves that love and friendship knows no bounds and that every care must be taken to protect one of nature’s noblest creatures.

ABOUT Casey Anderson


    Casey Anderson is a naturalist, animal rescue and rehabilitation expert, and the host of National Geographic’s Expedition Grizzly. He has produced more than fifteen films and documentaries and runs the Montana Grizzly Exchange in Bozeman, Montana. Casey is married to actress Missi Pyle and the two split their time between Montana and Los Angeles.

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