Tropical Freeze

The Thorn Series, Book 2

by James W. Hall
Thorn tracks the killer of an old friend through the Florida Keys

A few months have passed since Thorn tracked down the men who raped and murdered his foster mother—a hunt that left six dead, with Thorn nearly among them. His lover, an attorney worn down by defending the scum of South Florida, has moved out of state, and now Thorn is alone to make a new life from the shambles of the old. But death is not ready to leave him be. When an old friend, ex-FBI agent Gaeton Richards, vanishes, Thorn has a hunch he can find him. He knows every canal and back alley of Key West, and the name of every scumbag who might know something about the missing cop. The hunt takes him into the heart of organized crime in the Florida Keys—an underworld in which asking questions may cost Thorn his life.

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ABOUT James W. Hall


    Though a native of Kentucky, James W. Hall (b. 1947) has lived most of his life in Florida, where he established himself as one of the foremost authors of crime in the Sunshine State. Originally a poet, he began writing crime fiction in the mid-1980s, publishing his first novel, Under Cover of Daylight, in 1986. A murder mystery starring a Key West fisherman named Thorn, it was a well-received beginning to a series that has, to date, yielded twelve books, most recently Dead Last. Besides the Thorn books, Hall has written stories and novels of life in South Florida, as well Hot Damn!, a collection of essays. He teaches writing at Florida International University, and lives with his wife Evelyn. They divide their time between the Florida Keys and the mountains of North Carolina.

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