When a hunting party visits a lodge in Maine, the forest demands revenge

Thirty miles of woods surround the Metcalfe estate-an untouched patch of wilderness where rich hunters come to kill. As an eight-person hunting party gets comfortable at the estate's lodge, a different kind of hunter lurks in the woods: a tracker so skilled that he seems to be a force of nature. Tired of watching deer slaughtered, he has decided it is mans' turn to die.

Among the hunting party is Diana Jackman, a third-generation tracker who is no stranger toa gun in her hand. After two decades of trying to live like a city girl, she has returned to Maine to reconnect with the tracking techniques that once defined her. And when the protector of the forests starts to kill, Diana must give in to her primal instincts, or risk becoming another head on the wall.

ABOUT Mark T. Sullivan


    Mark T. Sullivan (b. 1958) is an author of thrillers. Born in a Boston suburb, he joined the Peace Corp after college, traveling to West Africa to live with a tribe of Saharan nomads. Upon returning to the United States, he took a job at Reuters, beginning a decade-long career in journalism that would eventually lead to a job as an investigative reporter for the San Diego Tribune.

    Sullivan spent the winter of 1990 living with a group of skiers in Utah and Wyoming, and used the experience as the foundation for his first novel, The Fall Line (1994). In 1995 he published Hard News, a thriller based on his work as a reporter, and a year later he released The Purification Ceremony, which won the WH Smith Award for Best New Talent. His most recent work is Private Games (2012), which he co-authored with James Patterson. Sullivan lives with his family in Montana, where he skis, hunts, and practices martial arts.