Five Books About Books About Books (And That’s Not a Typo)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 What is a Bibliomystery?
Picture this: you’re sitting in a room reading a book. The character in the book that you’re reading is also reading a book. And the character in the book that that character is reading is also reading a book too!

While that may seem like an odd (ok, maybe even insane) scenario to you, such moments of books within books (or even books within books within books) are not as uncommon as they may first appear. In fact, many books have followed this kind of Inception-style

How Five Writers Survived Turbulent Childhoods

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 In many ways, our experiences during childhood come to shape the rest of our lives, influencing the people we become and the way we see the world. Those of us who experienced difficult childhoods can draw strength from the shared experience detailed in a memoir, and those of us who did not are able to feel empathy and gain insight into the lives of others.

The writers of these five memoirs survived tumultuous childhoods and came to the often-painful realization that their parents are more than just caretakers: they are flawed human beings.