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As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, join the effort to help save our planet. Every year since 1970, events are held internationally on this day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. More than one hundred ninety-two countries celebrate the holiday, which is coordinated by the Earth Day Network.

Did you know that, on average, a single ton of paper is produced from seventeen trees? And what’s more, the process of printing books emits large quantities of greenhouse gases that are bad for the environment. Another consideration is the crazy amount of water it takes to produce an average printed book—seven gallons!

With ereaders, you have access to hundreds of books anywhere, anytime, without actually lugging around the weight of print books. Teach your children the importance of recycling or let them embark on an exciting wilderness adventure through ebooks. With topics ranging from gardening and the beauty of nature to the mysteries of wildlife, we have plenty of
... titles to help show your support of the environment through ereading!

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Though often recommended as a good first foray into reading science fiction, The Falling Woman by Pat Murphy is not so easily classified. In this Nebula Award–winning novel, archaeologist Elizabeth Waters has made a name for herself by challenging her colleagues’ ideas about Mayan civilization. She owes her insights in large part to a strange gift: Elizabeth can see the spirits of ancient peoples.

Years ago, in pursuit of the opportunities that her visions presented—while at the same time fearing them as a sign of madness—Elizabeth abandoned her husband and child. But the shadows of the past are not content to stay put, and Elizabeth finds herself on a dig with two specters before her: Zuhuy-kak, a Mayan priestess who can see and speak with Elizabeth, and Diane, Elizabeth’s estranged adult daughter who has flown to Mexico unannounced.

As Diane and Elizabeth struggle to reconnect, they progress further and further into Zuhuy-kak’s mysterious world of magic.
... Elizabeth knows an unprecedented discovery is at her fingertips, but is she willing to make the sacrifice it demands?

You may wonder, “Is The Falling Woman really science fiction?” Murphy answers this question on her website: “If this doesn’t sound like science fiction to you, you’ll have to argue with the Science Fiction Writers of America, who awarded The Falling Woman the Nebula Award for best science fiction novel.” But this genre label doesn’t stop The Falling Woman—or Murphy’s other works, for that matter—from incorporating the mind bending of psychological fantasy, or the well-researched backdrops of historical fiction, or the thrill of a good adventure tale.

In other words, besides being a good introduction to SF, The Falling Woman is simply a great read for a variety of audiences.

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