Love Is in the Ereader

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 by Emily

Forget the chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears. This Valentine’s Day, show your children you love them with ebooks. If you have little ones, celebrate the heart-filled holiday with classic children’s picture book characters. If you have older children, encourage them to fall in love with middle-grade series or romantic young adult ebooks.

picture books

In Franklin’s Valentines, Franklin can’t wait to give his friends the cards he has made, but is heartbroken when he gets to school and discovers they’re missing. Big hearts prevail and Franklin soon learns that he has very good friends—and that he can be a good friend, too.

When Scaredy Squirrel finds the perfectly safe candidate for a friend (no teeth), he arms himself with a nametag, mittens, a mirror, and a lemon, so that he’s ready to make the Perfect First Impression. But when things don’t go according to plan, he’s not sure he’ll survive this ordeal. In Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend, this loveable squirrel discovers the true meaning of friendship. 

Young Kelly’s mom doesn’t understand about red. Sure, the brown mittens are warmer, but the red mitts make better snowballs. And the red boots aren’t just for rain; they take bigger steps in any weather. No doubt about it, Red is Best.

"When the baby bunnies come, will you still love me?" the bunny asks his mother. "Of course," said Mother Bunny. "You're my extra-special one. And I'll love you just as much when the baby bunnies come." In Will You Still Love Me?, various mothers reassure their little ones that love has no limits. 

middle-grade books

Bingo Brown is confident that he can write the definitive guidebook for middle-school boys trying to win over girls. In Bingo Brown’s Guide to Romance and Bingo Brown and the Language of Love, Bingo Brown smartly captures all the highs and lows of adolescence.

Though identical on the outside, ten-year-old twins Claire and Luna Bundkin are as different on the inside as peaches and peanut butter. Claire is mischievous and Luna is a dreamer, but they do share a favorite hobby: witchcraft. In Witch Twins, the first book in the series, Claire and Luna discover there is no easy spell to stop a wedding.

young adult 

In Titanic: The Long Night, two teenagers discover true love aboard the doomed ocean liner. Will they be able to stay together—even if they all survive?

When Serena Shane meets Pilot, a lifeguard who’s unlike any boy she’s ever known, an unforgettable summer of discovery begins in The Lifeguard.

After her parents’ divorce, Teddy realizes that love is not as easy as it looks. In Out of Love, Teddy learns that real love is far more complex than those old letters make it seem. And though her parents love and support her, Teddy’s perceptions of her family will have to change.

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