Samuel R. Delany Named Grand Master of Science Fiction at the Forty-Ninth Nebula Awards

Monday, May 12, 2014 by Kat Sherbo


Science fiction is about to crown a new Grand Master. Samuel R. Delany will receive this honor at the Nebula Awards banquet on May 17.

The Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award honors lifetime achievement, and Delany is excited, humbled, and a bit bemused, to be so named. “You don’t walk around saying, ‘Well, I’m Grand Master . . .’” he says, smiling. “Although you’re tempted sometimes!” 

Check out our interactive infographic of Open Road Media's Nebula-award winners, nominees, and Grand Masters, where you can get to know Samuel R. Delany—“the most remarkable prose stylist to have emerged from the culture of American science fiction,” according to William Gibson—and his peers, such as Octavia E. Butler and Robert Silverberg, whose groundbreaking achievements have paved the road for all SF writers. 


Open Road Media is proud to publish over a dozen Nebula Award winners, nominees, and Grand Masters, spanning the award’s forty-nine-year history.

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