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The Mark Manning Mysteries


  • “Much of the success of the series is due to the tremendous appeal of Craft’s unique and charismatic protagonist . . . the hunky Mark Manning.”

    In Step
  •  “Family secrets and forbidden desires earmark Michael Craft’s novel as a forerunner in this genre. Written with warmth and a savvy awareness of the frailty of the human spirit, Body Language draws the reader into a world . . . strained to the breaking point by greed, jealousy, and death.”

    Under the Covers
  • “Beautifully drawn characters and a neatly twisted plot . . . Craft’s winning mystery should satisfy many a reader.”

  • “Taking cues from Dame Agatha Christie, Craft has woven a fast-paced mystery that keeps the reader guessing the entire time.”

    Out & About
  • “Craft excels at developing narrative momentum, picking up speed as he goes along. The reader can’t turn the final pages fast enough.”

    Echo Magazine
  • “A crackling good whodunit and a sobering depiction of the secrets families try to hide.”

    QSF Magazine

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