1. 365 Days

    Ronald J. Glasser

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    The classic and heartrending account of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of an army doctor
    In 1968, as a serviceman in the Vietnam War, Dr. Ronald Glasser was sent to Japan to work at the US Army hospital at Camp Zama. It was the only general army hospital in Japan, and though Glasser was initially charged with tending to the children of officers and government officials, he was soon caught up in the waves of casualties that poured in from every Vietnam front. Thousands of soldiers arrived each month, demanding the help of every physician within reach. In 365 Days, Glasser reveals a candid and shocking account of that harrowing experience. He gives voice to seventeen of his patients, wounded men counting down the days until they return home. Their stories bring to life a world of incredible bravery and suffering, one where “the young are suddenly left alone to take care of the young.” An instant classic of war literature, 365 Days is a remarkable, ground-level account of Vietnam’s human toll.
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    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “[A] valuable and redemptive work.” —William Styron “Dr. Glasser’s book is one of the most gripping accounts of the Vietnam tragedy that I have yet seen.” —George McGovern “Its quiet eloquence, its factual precision, its emotional restraint . . . make it a book of great emotional impact.” —The New York Times

  • “The most convincing, most moving account I have yet to read about what it was like to be an American soldier in Vietnam.” —Newsweek

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About the author

Ronald J. Glasser

Ronald J. Glasser, MD, is the author of the bestselling 365 Days, an account of his experiences as an army doctor during the Vietnam War, as well as the novels Another War, Another Peace and Ward 402.