1. A Barcelona Heiress

    Sergio Vila-Sanjuán

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    A fascinating look into the elegant and turbulent Barcelona of the 1920s, and a historical detective novel—based on real events and characters—that unravels an intricate web of political intrigue and chronicles the end of a dazzling era
    In the early 1920s, Barcelona is on the verge of boiling over. Pablo Vilar, a well-connected young lawyer and journalist, meets several mysterious people who seem to hold clues to what is brewing in the city. The diverse cast of characters includes an assaulted cabaret artist, an anarchist leader, the city’s new, autocratic civil governor, and a beautiful, wealthy countess—their destinies all bound by invisible ties. While the city both touches its zenith and peers into the abyss, Vilar guides us through a labyrinth that leads from the caverns of Montjuïc, home to paupers and outlaws, to the high-society parties in the gardens of Horta. Based on documents from the author’s family archives, A Barcelona Heiress provides a fresh perspective on a complex and dramatic period.
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Editorial Reviews

  • “An irresistible read which explores the whole spectrum of a society and a city in a fascinating era.” —Carlos Ruiz Zafón, author of The Shadow of the Wind

  • “A new literary hero has been born, and he is the protagonist of A Barcelona Heiress.” —Javier Blánquez, journalist for El Mundo

  • “An impeccable portrait, photographed in sepia tones, of the elegant, pistol-wielding, and turbulent Barcelona of the 1920s.” —Arturo Pérez-Reverte, author of The Queen of the South

  • “A moral detective story that traces an impressionist portrait of a society, while in the background the music of the Titanic accompanies the drowning of the aristocracy and the upper classes.” —Guillermo Busutil, author of Mercurio

  • “Vila-Sanjuán has successfully completed the difficult journey to an exciting and multifaceted Barcelona: the city that danced on the edge of an abyss.” —Isabel Margarit, author of Historia y Vida

  • “With the frenetic pace of a detective novel, halfway between the type of social satire cultivated by Edith Wharton and Evelyn Waugh . . . and a historical chronicle.” —El Mundo

  • “A novel that hooks. Seductive characters, an intriguing plot superimposed onto a historic moment, and Barcelona as the stage.” —Qué Leer

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About the author

Sergio Vila-Sanjuán

Sergio Vila-Sanjuán (b. 1957), one of Spain’s best-known cultural journalists, is the coordinator of the Cultura/s supplement of the newspaper La Vanguardia. Vila-Sanjuán has published several books on journalism and was commissioner of the Barcelona Year of the Book and Reading in 2005. His first novel, A Barcelona Heiress, inspired by historic events and by his discovery of a manuscript by his grandfather, received enthusiastic reviews and is currently being translated into several languages. His second novel, Estaba en el aire, set in Barcelona in the 1960s, won the 2013 Premio Nadal Award.