1. Beirut File

    Book 4 in Shake Davis

    Dale A. Dye

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    When his wife disappears on a deep, dark intelligence mission, gunner Shake Davis is desperate to find her and apologize for his precarious behavior in the past. Chan has been out of contact since their blow-up in South Korea, and Shake at first assumes he’s being fed a dose of his own medicine, but his investigation among old pals in the game quickly indicates there’s a much more to it than a simple domestic dispute. His quest to find his wife leads the retired Tier One Special Operator through the tragic Boston Marathon bombing and back to Beirut, Lebanon, where Shake served on active duty as part of the Multi-National Peacekeeping Force in the early 1980s.
    Intending to get as close as possible to his wife, Shake finds himself drafted into a mission designed to procure samples of chemical warfare attacks being conducted in Syria. What seems like a simple, straightforward courier assignment rapidly turns into a deadly confrontation with Hezbollah forces in Lebanon’s turbulent Beqaa Valley. The mission leads Shake into contact with a Kurdish female warrior who delivers the samples from Syria and then leads him on a desperate escape and evasion run along the Syrian border with the Hezbollah on their trail. His determination to accomplish the mission, reunite with his wife, and save the woman who risked so much to deliver proof of WMDs used on rebel factions in Syria gets Shake Davis captured and tortured by the Hezbollah. The tables are suddenly and unexpectedly turned—and Shake must rely on old and new friends to save his life.

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    Warriors Publishing Group

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About the author

Dale A. Dye

Marine officer Dale A. Dye rose through the ranks to retire as a captain after twenty-one years of service in war and peace. Following retirement from active duty in 1984, and upset with Hollywood's treatment of the American military, he went to Hollywood and established Warriors, Inc., the preeminent military training and advisory service to the entertainment industry.  Dye has worked on more than fifty movies and TV shows, including several Oscar-and Emmy-winning productions.  He is a novelist, actor, director, and show business innovator, who wanders between Los Angeles and Lockhart, Texas.