1. Belles on Their Toes

    Frank B. Gilbreth Jr., Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

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    The classic sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen
    After Dad died, life at the Gilbreth house became more challenging to say the least. But with twelve kids, a resourceful mother, and an irrepressible blend of humor and sentiment, America’s favorite extra-large family will find a way to keep it all together. The Gilbreths happily rise to every occasion: Mother works to keep the family business running without Dad, and the kids tackle the adventures of growing up en masse.
    With the clan struggling to make ends meet and stay together, everyone has to pitch in. Their attempts to pinch pennies frequently result in comical chaos, and everyday life at the Gilbreths’ is full of good cheer, even when confronted by tragedy. From the trials of the first year without Dad to the daily crises of a family with a double-digit headcount, the stories of Belles on Their Toes are wholesome, heartwarming, and always hilarious.
    This ebook features an illustrated biography including rare photos from the authors’ estates.
  2. Pub Date
    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “From start to finish, it is a reading joy.” —Chicago Sunday Tribune

  • “The happy blend of sentiment and comedy is sure-fire.” —Kirkus Reviews

  • “There is a sincere and heartwarming atmosphere in this second volume about the famous Gilbreth family that makes it almost better reading, if possible, than the first.” —Library Journal

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About the authors

Frank B. Gilbreth Jr.

Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. (1911–2001) served as a lieutenant commander in the US Navy during World War II, earning the Bronze Star and Air Medal for his valor in the campaigns in the South Pacific. After the war, he worked for the Post and Courier of Charleston, South Carolina, as a columnist and reporter. His books include How to Be a Father and Time Out for Happiness, and the classics Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes, both coauthored with his sister Ernestine Gilbreth Carey.

Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

Ernestine Gilbreth Carey (1908–2006) graduated from Smith College with an English degree, and worked for fourteen years as a department store buyer and manager. She wrote or coauthored five books, including two with her brother Frank, as well as Jumping Jupiter, Rings Around Us, and Giddy Moment.