1. Fly Away Home

    A Novel

    Marge Piercy

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    A New York Times Notable Book: A woman learns the truth about her husband’s deceptions in this “superb” novel by the bestselling author of Gone to Soldiers (Boston Herald).

    After a cross-country tour promoting her latest cookbook, Daria Walker is ready to return to her beautiful home in an affluent Boston suburb and her beloved husband, Ross, a prominent attorney whose rough-hewn good looks have never stopped charming her. But when she arrives, he blindsides her by announcing he wants a divorce. Surprised and devastated, Daria suspects he may be having an affair, but the reality is far worse and will tear apart the illusion of her perfectly happy family.

    When a boy dies tragically and a scandal erupts involving a mercenary slumlord, Daria is outraged along with the rest of the city. But when she learns that Ross may have a connection to the case, she sets out on a journey to discover the truth—a quest that will cast a shadow over the comfortable life she once enjoyed.

    From the New York Times–bestselling author of Woman on the Edge of Time, Fly Away Home is the story of a woman forced to question her values, her relationships, and herself—“a tale of love, betrayal, and revenge set against a backdrop of sterile suburbs, confrontational politics [and] the evils of gentrification” (The New York Times).
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    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “A compelling tale . . . A bright, clear piece of fiction.” —The Washington Post

  • “A romance with a social conscience, a tale of love, betrayal and revenge set against a backdrop of sterile suburbs, confrontational politics, the evils of gentrification and the uses of arson as a slum-clearance tool.” —The New York Times

  • “Marge Piercy deftly tells the story of a woman’s odyssey from uncertainty to emotional liberation in a novel that is superb in every respect.” —Boston Herald

  • “A taut, rich, vibrant story . . . Piercy’s most accessible novel, and therefore, her most politically powerful one.” —The Christian Science Monitor

  • “A can’t-put-it-down story that moves swiftly to its conclusion with a touch of intrigue and surprise.” —Detroit Free Press

  • “Reading a book by Marge Piercy is like sitting around a warm inviting fire with old friends: You know you will be entertained, hopefully you will be amused, and if you dare to invest in yourself, you will certainly learn something.” —The Indianapolis Star

  • Praise for Marge Piercy

  • “Here is somebody with the guts to go into the deepest core of herself, her time, her history, and risk more than anybody else has so far, just out of a love for the truth and a need to tell it. It’s about time.” —Thomas Pynchon on Dance the Eagle to Sleep

  • “One of the most important writers of our time.” —Erica Jong

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About the author

Marge Piercy

Marge Piercy (b. 1936) is the author of nineteen poetry collections, including The Hunger Moon and Made in Detroit, and seventeen novels, including the New York Times bestseller Gone to Soldiers and He, She and It, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award for science fiction. She has also written a memoir, Sleeping with Cats; a collection of short stories, The Cost of Lunch, Etc.; and five nonfiction books. A champion of feminism, antiwar, and ecological movements, Piercy often includes political themes in her work and features strong female characters who challenge traditional gender roles. Her book of poetry The Moon Is Always Female is considered a seminal feminist text. Piercy’s other works include Woman on the Edge of Time, The Longings of Women, and City of Darkness, City of Light. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, radio personality and author Ira Wood, with whom she cowrote the novel Storm Tide.