1. Islands

    Marta Randall

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    Nebula Award Finalist.

    She will never be one of them. When the immortality treatments failed, she knew her destiny would not be as glorious and carefree as the immortals. The immortals rebuilt the Earth after the great floods, but she is not one of them, and she doesn't seem fit to live anywhere amongst them. When she finds refuge aboard the ship Ilium and begins ocean floor navigation, an adventure immortals would envy, she discovers a secret place. But she knows if she can unlock the power that the immortals lost on an island buried far beneath the land, the world and the immortals' future will never be the same again.

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    Open Road Integrated Media

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About the author

Marta Randall

Marta Randall is the author of seven novels and numerous shorter works. She also edited New Dimensions, Volumes Eleven and Twelve, and Nebula Stories, Volume Nineteen. She has taught writing in a number of venues, including the Clarion workshop and through the University of California at the Berkeley extension. Currently, she teaches private workshops.
Randall was born in Mexico City in 1948 and lives and writes on the Big Island in Hawaii, where she also teaches writing workshops. Her most recent book is Growing Light, written under the name Martha Conley.