1. Knit 2 Together

    Patterns and Stories for Serious Knitting Fun

    Mel Clark, Tracey Ullman

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    Tracey Ullman has been known for almost 20 years as an award-winning comedian, actress, writer, and producer, well-loved for her eccentric and iconoclastic humor. She is also an avid knitter, and she brings the same freewheeling spirit to her most recent production, a book she created with knitwear designer and yarn-shop owner Mel Clark. Although she has been knitting since the age of four, Ullman was, she says “helpless to make anything other than long, holey scarves” until she met Clark, who taught her how to follow a pattern and knit for real.

    Passionate and funny, serious and spirited, Knit 2 Together features lively lessons for beginners and more than 30 original designs for knitters of all abilities and stripes—from witches britches and house slippers to a saucy apron and a table skirt. Complete with sidebars and vibrant color photographs, the book also relates Ullman’s personal stories and reflections on her life in knitting. This one-of-a-kind brainchild of two perfectly matched creators—one a master of knitting, the other a master of wit—is sure to delight veteran and novice alike.

  2. Pub Date
    Abrams | STC Craft | Melanie Falick Books

About the authors

Mel Clark

Born in New Zealand, Mel Clark has always loved sheep, wool, and knitting. As a child, she kept a pet lamb in her backyard. After moving to California, by way of London and North Carolina, she expressed her passion for design first in a knitwear label, and then in a state-of-the-art knitting shop in Santa Monica. There she met her co-author, and fellow intrepid knitter, Tracey Ullman. Their friendship brewed over a love of fashion, a desire to knit uniquely beautiful things, and many cups of tea. Clark currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand, where she pines for California. She is the author of Knitting Everyday Finery and the upcoming book Knitting Gifts for Baby (2013).

Tracey Ullman

Actress and producer Tracey Ullman has won numerous awards for her work in television and film. Her Fox comedy/variety series The Tracey Ullman Show (1987–90) earned three Emmys and a Golden Globe; Tracey Takes On . . . (1996–99) for HBO also won a number of Emmys. Her feature film work includes Plenty, Bullets over Broadway, and Small Time Crooks. A longtime fan and follower of style, she is now a serious, skilled, and adventurous knitter.  Tracey Ullman wrote Knit 2 Together with Mel Clark.