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    Carol Severance

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    After narrowly escaping death in a forest fire, Angie Dinsman found herself under the control of the World Life Company. They promptly equipped her with webbed hands and gills—creating a half-fish, half-woman. Her mission is to uncover secret research files on the water world of Lesaat. But first she has to undergo the terrifying process of learning to breathe underwater. After mastering the basics of survival, she faces an insurmountable challenge: finding the information that could end starvation on Earth while sabotaging the company's evil plans.

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    Open Road Integrated Media

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Carol Severance

Carol Severance (1944-2015) was a Hawaii-based writer of science fiction with a special interest in Pacific Islanders and their environments. After growing up in Denver, she served in the Peace Corps and later assisted with anthropological fieldwork in the remote coral atolls of Truk, Micronesia. She lived in Hilo, where she shared her home with a scholarly fisherman, a surfer, and an undetermined number of geckos.