1. Specimen Song

    Book 2 in The Montana Mysteries Featuring Gabriel Du Pré

    Peter Bowen

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    A serial killer follows Du Pré from Washington, DC, back to Montana
    A lost and frightened horse plods down the National Mall, startling the crowd. When Gabriel Du Pré spots the confused animal, the connection is immediate, for neither of these creatures belongs in the sweltering heat of a DC summer. Du Pré, a Métis Indian from the wilds of Montana, calms the horse and leads it to the nearest policeman. Du Pré is in Washington to play his people’s music for a Smithsonian festival, but after leading the horse to safety, he encounters a murder instead. The dead woman is Cree Indian, come down from Canada to sing in the festival. Du Pré tries to put her death out of his mind and returns to Montana, but more killings follow: each time with a primitive weapon, each time foretold by a local shaman. As the body count rises and the killer closes on Du Pré, the lawman vows to never again make the mistake of leaving Montana.
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    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “Bowen’s prose is often droll and his characters well-etched.” —Publishers Weekly “One of the most unusual characters working the fictional homicide beat . . . powerfully poetic but unsentimental.” —Booklist “The best of Tony Hillerman meets Zane Grey . . . Du Pré is a character of legendary proportions.” —Ridley Pearson, author of The Angel Maker and No Witness

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About the author

Peter Bowen

Peter Bowen (b. 1945) is best known for mystery novels set in the modern American West. He published his first novel, Yellowstone Kelly, in 1987. After two more novels featuring this real-life Western hero, Bowen published Coyote Wind (1994), which introduced Gabriel Du Pré, a mixed-race lawman living in fictional Toussaint, Montana. To date, he has written thirteen Du Pré mysteries. Bowen lives and writes in Livingston, Montana.