1. Splendora

    A Novel

    Edward Swift

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    The new librarian in the tiny town of Splendora, Texas, has a big secret

    A stunning and stylish femme fatale named Miss Jessie Gatewood has arrived in the dusty hamlet of Splendora. Miss Jessie is the new town librarian—but she has much bigger plans than just shelving books. She intends to give the town and its people a much-needed makeover. But even as she is influencing the fashion sense of the local ladies—and winning the heart of the lovesick Brother Leggett, Splendora’s Baptist minister—a surprising plan for vengeance occupies the fabulous Miss Gatewood’s mind.

    In Edward Swift’s provocative, hilarious first novel, a small town is turned upside down by a new arrival—and a shocking return.

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    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “The Southern Gothic novel played for laughs—low, low comedy of exceedingly high order.” —People

  • “Edward Swift has a particular gift for capturing the continuous low musical murmur of small-town gossip. . . . He knows how stories seem to grow on their own, drifting almost unnoticeably toward the mythical.” —The New York Times Book Review

  • “All of the characters are memorable. The situation is refreshingly unique. And Mr. Swift’s style is delightful. Splendora is, to put it simply, splendid.” —Houston Chronicle

  • Splendora reads like an exuberant fairy tale about a young man’s search for himself.” —The Washington Post

  • “Edward Swift has created a bounteous community in Splendora worthy of joining Winesburg and Spoon River on America’s literary map.” —Los Angeles Times

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About the author

Edward Swift

Edward Swift was born in a small town in East Texas, which has inspired much of his work. His debut novel, Splendora, was published in 1978 and praised by the Houston Chronicle as one of the year’s best comic novels.

Photo Credit: Rosalie O'Connor