1. The 13th Valley

    John M. Del Vecchio

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    Finalist for the National Book Award: A work that has served as a literary cornerstone for the Vietnam generation

    The 13th Valley follows the terrifying Vietnam combat experiences of James Chelini, a telephone-systems installer who finds himself an infantryman in territory controlled by the North Vietnamese Army. Spiraling deeper and deeper into a world of conflict and darkness, this harrowing account of Chelini’s plunge and immersion into jungle warfare traces his evolution from a semi-pacifist to an all-out combat-crazed soldier. The seminal novel on the Vietnam experience, The 13th Valley is a classic that illuminates the war in Southeast Asia like no other book. It is the first title in Del Vecchio’s Vietnam War Trilogy, which also includes For the Sake of All Living Things, about the Cambodian holocaust, and Carry Me Home, which addresses the aftermath of war.
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    Warriors Publishing Group

Editorial Reviews

  • “Powerful . . . There have been a number of excellent books about Vietnam . . . but none has managed to communicate in such detail the day-to-day pain, discomfort, frustration and exhilaration of the American military experience in Vietnam as well . . . Del Vecchio has made the jungle real and terrifying.” —The New York Times Book Review

  • “Quite simply, the novel about the Vietnam War . . . Del Vecchio has constructed a classic war novel, a complex and frightening book, that gets it right.” —Chicago Sun-Times

  • “An important and distinctly American book . . . A big novel in the tradition of The Naked and the Dead . . . Nowhere in the swelling literature about Vietnam does one discover a richer feel for ‘what it was really like’ . . . The 13th Valley reminds me of Moby Dick.” —Newsweek

  • The 13th Valley is dynamite! This is the most sensuously honest interpretation of the Vietnam experience I’ve ever read. As a Vietnam Vet, I recommend this book.” —Al Santoli, author of Everything We Had

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About the author

John M. Del Vecchio

John M. Del Vecchio is the author of five books, including The 13th Valley, a finalist for the National Book Award; For the Sake of All Living Things, a bestseller which deals with the Cambodian holocaust; and most recently The Bremer Detail (with Frank Gallagher) about protecting the US ambassador in Iraq from 2003 to 2004. Del Vecchio's books have sold approximately 1.4 million copies. He has also written hundreds of articles and the thesis The Importance of Story. Del Vecchio was drafted and sent to Vietnam in 1970, where he served as a combat correspondent in the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile). In 1971, he was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for heroism in ground combat.