1. The Ill-Made Mute

    Book 1 in The Bitterbynde Trilogy

    Cecilia Dart-Thornton

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    In a dark and perilous realm, an outcast without a name or a memory seeks a voice, a past, and a future in the first installment of a modern classic fantasy trilogy

    In all of Erith, there is perhaps no one as wretched as the nameless mute foundling confined to the lowest depths of Isse Tower. Abused by many and despised by all, the pathetic creature lives without memories in the shadows. The amnesiac longs to escape—to roam the wild landscape in search of a past, a name, a destiny—but dangers surround the tower. Only flying ships and majestic winged horses carrying important visitors can reach the castle safely, landing high above the ground on its battlements. The local servants whisper about malevolent creatures that roam the forests and bear no love for humankind. Escape seems impossible in this treacherous world of wights and monsters.

    Praised as Australia’s J. R. R. Tolkien, Cecilia Dart-Thornton has set a towering new standard for fantasy fiction, earning the respect and acclaim of readers, reviewers, and some of the world’s most renowned fantasists. With roots firmly embedded in the ancient folklore of the British Isles, The Ill-Made Mute—the opening volume of Dart-Thornton’s magnificent Bitterbynde Trilogy—introduces fantasy lovers to an unforgettable character whose remarkable adventures rival the epic trials of the Bagginses and the tales of The Silmarillion.

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    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “Cecilia Dart-Thornton exhibits strong and authentic evidence of having visited some of the more exotic corners of Faerie. . . . The opener of Dart-Thornton’s series proves a sweet surprise.” —The Washington Post

  • “With deep roots in folklore and myth, [The Ill-Made Mute is] tirelessly inventive, fascinating, affecting, and profoundly satisfying. A stunning, dazzling debut.” —Kirkus Reviews

  • Praise for the Bitterbynde Trilogy

  • “Not since Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring fell into my hands have I been so impressed by a beautifully spun fantasy.” —Andre Norton

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About the author

Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Cecilia Dart-Thornton is the author of numerous bestselling fantasy novels, notably the Bitterbynde Trilogy, which includes The Ill-Made Mute, The Lady of the Sorrows, and The Battle of Evernight. The daughter of an architect and an academic, Dart-Thornton holds a bachelor of arts degree and a post-graduate diploma of education from Monash University. Having started out as a schoolteacher, she became a full-time writer in 2000, after her work was "discovered" on the Internet and brought to print by a New York publishing house. She is a strong supporter of animal rights and her interests include music, the fine arts-particularly Pre-Raphaelite paintings-and edible gardening. Visit her online at www.dartthornton.com and www.leavesofgoldpress.com.