1. The Magic Circle

    A Novel

    Katherine Neville

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    A collection of prophecies from before the time of Christ gives a female scientist the chance to save the world in this captivating thriller from the #1 international bestselling author of The Eight

    In the last week of Jesus’s life, the Emperor Augustus orders the purge of all prophecies that question his divine power. Thus, in the crater of a dormant volcano, the books of the Sibylline oracle are sealed—lost to the world until the nineteenth century when Clio, a brilliant archaeologist, discovers them. The Sibyl’s words remain as potent as ever, having the ability to change the destiny of mankind. But who will be bold enough to harness their power?

    More than a century after their discovery, some of the secret prophecies fall into the hands of nuclear scientist Ariel Behn when her beloved cousin is assassinated. If Ariel can discover the mystery behind the prophecies, she will be able to prevent a potentially worldwide catastrophe—but in order to do so she must travel to Russia, Vienna, and Paris where too many people are desperate to protect the secrets of these ancient writings.

    This ebook features an illustrated biography of Katherine Neville including rare images from her life and travels.
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    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “A page-turner . . . A cerebral caper that crosses a thriller with a romance and a mystical quest.” —The Seattle Times

  • “Never a dull moment . . . Neville’s book churns up wave after wave of excitement.” —The New York Times Book Review on A Calculated Risk

  • “Filled with intrigue . . . Neville keeps the novel moving at a fast pace. . . . Ariel is not a super spy but an average woman dealing with complex situations with only her wit to combat dangers. She is smart and funny and uses both these traits to survive.” —The Denver Post

  • “Exciting . . . Suspenseful . . . Many layers of plot twists.” —Library Journal

  • “[A] racing-across-the-globe, one-step-ahead-of-the-bad-guys treasure hunt.” —Detroit Free Press

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About the author

Katherine Neville

Katherine Neville is the New York Times-bestselling and #1 international bestselling author of spellbinding adventure novels. The Washington Post called her groundbreaking first novel The Eight "a feminist answer to Raiders of the Lost Ark." In a national poll by the noted Spanish newspaper El País, it was voted one of the top ten books of all time. She has written three other novels: the New York Times Notable Book A Calculated RiskThe Magic Circle, and The Fire, the sequel to The Eight.
Neville's novels, which have been published in more than eighty countries, have been enriched by her twenty-year career as an international computer executive and consultant, which took her to live in six countries on three continents and twenty-six of the United States. She has also worked as a portrait painter, a commercial photographer, and a model. To learn more, visit her at www.katherineneville.com.