1. The Stoned Apocalypse

    Book 1 in The Vassi Collection

    Marco Vassi

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    There is no better introduction to the world of Marco Vassi than his autobiography, The Stoned Apocalypse, a stirring and sensual work that is both unflinchingly honest and erotically charged. Did the sixties happen so Vassi could exist, or did Vassi define the decade? His journey across the country at the moment when the Woodstock generation was discarding conventions—and clothes—is an allegory of sexual liberation. If you loved Jack Kerouac’s On the Road you will thrill to The Stoned Apocalypse—and you will be ready to take on Vassi’s mind-blowing novels.

  2. Pub Date
    Open Road Integrated Media
    Romance: Erotica

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Marco Vassi

Marco Vassi was, without a doubt, the foremost erotic writer of our generation. Praised by Norman Malier, Kate Millett, Saul Bellow, and Gore Vidal, he was not only the ultimate sexual explorer, but a literary craftsman whose own life experiences became the stuff of his fiction—expanded, of course, by a grand imagination and a full sense of the absurd.