1. Travellers in Magic


    Lisa Goldstein

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    Fifteen stories of ordinary lives that take fantastic turns

    Robert never quite feels at home with Cassie’s family, a gang of eccentrics including a reptile smuggler, a worshipper of Osiris, and an old woman who believes her photographs can see into the future. When he breaks up with Cassie, she is so upset that she gives him the most terrible thing she can offer: an envelope of her grandmother’s photos, which show in detail the path that Robert’s life will take. At first, this vision of the future gives him strength—but soon it becomes a prison on glossy paper.

    A Nebula and Hugo Award finalist, “Cassandra’s Photographs” demonstrates all the power of Lisa Goldstein’s imagination. Whether she is writing about shape-shifting aliens or kind-hearted ghosts, Goldstein’s fantasies remain grounded in reality, supported by the kind of crystalline prose that takes a lifetime to master. This collection also includes the Nebula Award finalist “Alfred.”
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    Open Road Integrated Media

Editorial Reviews

  • “The 15 stories that make up this collection of short fiction . . . by one of the genre’s most inventive writers demonstrate the working of a subtle mind and a gifted imagination.” —Library Journal

  • “The most important short-story collection I’ve seen this year . . . displays an imposing array of talents.” —Locus

  • “Told in a quiet, easy tone, these stories carry a powerful emotional charge. They leave one with a sense of strangeness and completion, of real travel, of real magic.” —Ursula K. Le Guin

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About the author

Lisa Goldstein

Lisa Goldstein has published ten novels and dozens of short stories under her own name and two fantasy novels under the pseudonym Isabel Glass. Her most recent novel is The Uncertain Places, which won the Mythopoeic Award. Goldstein received the National Book Award for The Red Magician and the Sidewise Award for her short story "Paradise Is a Walled Garden." Her work has been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy Awards. Some of her stories appear in the collection Travellers in Magic.

Goldstein has worked as a proofreader, library aide, bookseller, and reviewer. She lives with her husband and their overexuberant Labrador retriever, Bonnie, in Oakland, California. Her website is www.brazenhussies.net/goldstein

Photo by Doug Asherman.