1. Whitey's Payback

    and Other True Stories: Gangsterism, Murder, Corruption, and Revenge

    T. J. English

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    Sixteen stories of true crime from America’s foremost authority on the underworld
    James “Whitey” Bulger is the last of the old-fashioned gangsters. As a polished, sophisticated psychopath—who also happened to be a secret FBI informant—his reign of power in Boston lasted for more than twenty years. When he went on the lam in 1995, the kingpin’s legend grew to rival that of Al Capone. Captured after sixteen years in hiding, he now sits in a maximum security prison awaiting trial on racketeering charges and nineteen counts of murder. T. J. English has been writing about men like Bulger for more than two decades. And this collection, culled from his career in journalism and supported by new material, shows English at his best. In addition to the numerous pieces about Whitey, he reports stories about gangsters and organized crime from New York City to Jamaica to Hong Kong and Mexico. Be they about old school mobsters, corrupt federal agents, or modern-day narcotraficantes wreaking havoc on the US–Mexico border, English tells these stories with depth and insight. Combining first-rate reporting and the storytelling technique of a novelist, English takes his readers on a bloody but fascinating journey to the dark side of the American Dream.

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    MysteriousPress.com/Open Road
    True Crime

Editorial Reviews

  • Whiteys Payback and Other True Stories is a scrumptious sampler of T. J. English’s best crime writing. Hard-hitting reporting so good you’ll find yourself wanting more when you’re done.” —Anthony Bruno, author of The Iceman

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About the author

T. J. English

Journalist and nonfiction author Thomas Joseph "T. J." English (b. 1957) is one of America's foremost authorities on the recent history of crime. His first book, The Westies (1990), is an account of the last decades of a once-powerful Irish mob. Over the years, he has covered Vietnamese gangs, mafia infiltrations of pre-Castro Cuba, and, in Savage City (2011), the history of racial tension between New York City's police and its citizens. English has written for magazines and television as well. He lives in New York City.