• “Mr. Southern has given us a dazzling performance. This is the book of the year.” Henry Green, The Observer

  • “A technical masterpiece . . . both maddeningly elliptical and startlingly explicit.” The Times

  • “A mad, deft book, subject to the rules of poetry.” BBC Radio

  • Flash and Filigree is a very mysterious creation. Black humor? More than that, much more . . . Terry Southern knows how to write!William Burroughs

  • Flash and Filigree has an unfailing sense of the ridiculous, heightened by deadpan delivery.”  - Time

  • “The airless, slightly torpid climate of suburban Los Angeles and the speech of its natives is rendered with arresting vividness. Equally compelling are his bizarre protagonists.  - The New York Times

  •  “Written in dancing prose, Flash and Filigree is startlingly original.” Detroit Sunday Times