In this powerful and poignant epic, Del Vecchio transports the soldiers of the Vietnam experience to their final battlefield—the home front.  

High Meadow Farm, in the fertile hill country of central Pennsylvania, would be their salvation. In Vietnam they had fought side by side, brothers in arms. Now in the face of personal tragedy and bureaucratic deception, they would create a more enduring allegiance, an alliance of the spirit and the soil. Carry Me Home is the remarkable story of their struggle to find each other and themselves, a saga spanning fifteen years—fifteen years lost in a wilderness called America. 

In its scope, breadth, and brilliance, Carry Me Home is much more than a novel about Vietnam and Vietnam veterans. It is a testament to history and hope, to hometowns and homecomings, to love and lost, to faith and family. It is a novel about two decades in our collective lives and the cleansing of our spirit—and inspiring and unforgettable novel about American itself.

ABOUT John M. Del Vecchio


    John M. Del Vecchio is the author of four books, including two bestsellers with approximately 1.4 million copies sold, as well as hundreds of articles. He graduated from Lafayette College in 1969, and was drafted and sent to Vietnam in 1970, where he served as a combat correspondent in the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile). In 1971, he was awarded a Bronze Star for heroism in ground combat. 

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