• “Sterling Lord has always seemed to me one of the last real gentlemen in the book publishing business, so courtly, gracious and calm that it’s hard to believe that any author ever screamed at him, but this and many other revelations in his book, prove that he is a consummate storyteller as well as a virtual institution after more than sixty years of agenting. Anyone who wants to know how the book business works (or used to work) ought to read this book. I had a great time reading it.”  - Michael Korda

  • “Sterling Lord has been giving a masterclass in shepherding authors through the forests of publishing for fifty years.  In Lord of Publishing he tells us how he did it. A revelation even for those of us lucky enough to have been with him all those years.”  - Nicholas Pileggi

  • “This is a rare—if not unique—in-depth chronicle of a life spent with great determination and success in helping writers chart their often difficult way to publication. Lord of Publishing takes us behind the scenes, unfolding dozens of fascinating stories that reveal the challenges not only of launching a writer’s first book but perhaps as important shepherding his career, sometimes for decades. To my mind there’s nothing else quite like this rewarding chronicle. Writers—and editors too—who came to know Sterling Lord can thank their lucky stars.”  - Robert Loomis