Flower Children

The American Chronicles, Book 9 of 9

by Robert Vaughan

The 1960’s have gone down in history as a decade of social and political upheavals, when Americans grappled with the moral dilemmas and social divisions caused by the Vietnam war, the struggle for civil rights, and the radicalism of the nation’s youth. In the ninth volume of Robert Vaughan’s stunning AMERICAN CHRONICLES, a panoramic picture of the American experience unfolds from the perspective of Americans from all walks of life.Cocky and charismatic Bob Parker courts death every day, piloting a chopper in Vietnam. Living each day as though it is his last, he parties recklessly and fights furiously, determined to make it through the war and return home. Heiress Tina Canfield wants only to escape the confines of her wealthy, prominent and conservative family. She longs to join the throngs of young people tuning in, turning on and dropping out. When Tina runs away to join the summer of love in San Francisco, she is unprepared for the heartbreak that freedom can sometimes bring. African-American vet Andrew Jackson finds himself a changed man after a long tour of duty in the US Army. He is as yet unaware of the enormous changes that have occurred at home in the South, as protests and violence explode in the streets of Alabama.

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ABOUT Robert Vaughan


    Writing under his own name and 25 pen names, Robert Vaughan has authored over 200 books in every genre but Science Fiction. He won the 1977 Porgie Award (Best Paperback Original) for THE POWER AND THE PRIDE. In 1973 THE VALKYRIE MANDATE was nominated by its publisher, Simon & Schuster, for the Pulitzer Prize. Vaughan is a frequent speaker at seminars and at high schools and colleges. He has also hosted three television talk shows: EYEWITNESS MAGAZINE, on WAVY TV in Portsmouth, Virginia, TIDEWATER A.M., on WHBQ TV in Hampton, Virginia, and THIS WEEK IN BOOKS on the TEMPO Cable Television Network. In addition, he hosted a cooking show at Phoenix at Mid-day on KHPO TV in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Vaughan is a retired Army Warrant Officer (CW-3) with three tours in Vietnam where he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with the V for valor, the Bronze Star, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the Purple Heart. He was a helicopter pilot and a maintenance and supply officer. He was also an instructor and Chief of the Aviation Maintenance Officers' Course at Fort Eustis, Virginia. During his military career, Vaughan was a participant in many of the 20th century's most significant events. 

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