The Timeline Wars

With his action-packed Timeline Wars trilogy, acclaimed science fiction author John Barnes storms the alternate history universe—a rich literary territory previously explored by SF luminaries including Harry Turtledove (the Worldwar series)—and boldly stakes his claim as its master. Ingeniously imagining a multiverse made up of a million different Earths, each following a separate timeline, Barnes chronicles a war unlike any other, featuring a powerful and ruthless alien terrorist enemy, the Closers, intent on enslaving every one of these alternate realities. Mark Strang, a Pittsburgh-based private investigator and bodyguard, is inadvertently pulled into the battle, and over the course of the series he is transported back to a post–World War II America under Nazi rule (Patton’s Spaceship), a colonial Boston still loyal to the British crown (Washington’s Dirigible), and to a radically transformed ancient Rome (Caesar’s Bicycle), fighting the good fight as a trained, time-traveling Crux Ops agent in the defense of countless imperiled histories.