When Papa decides to clean the house, he nearly destroys it instead!

When Cousin Bertha’s first cub turns out to be twins instead, Mama Bear hurries off to help out the new mother, leaving Papa Bear in charge of the house. Always confident—and always clumsy!—Papa has lots of ideas for improving the housekeeping. But the big cleanup will not be as tidy as he expects. Beating the rugs outside gets dust all over the laundry. His famous honey-mustard pancakes end up stuck to the ceiling. And when he decides to warm the house up with a nice homey fire, he almost burns the family tree to the ground! If Brother and Sister try as hard as they can, they might get the house fixed up before Mama returns—as long as Papa Bear stays out of their way!

ABOUT Stan and Jan Berenstain


    Stan Berenstain (1923–2005) and Jan Berenstain (1923–2012) were a husband-and-wife cartooning team best known for creating the internationally beloved Berenstain Bears. Both born in Philadelphia, they met on the first day of art school, and were married after World War II. Inspired by their children’s love for Dr. Seuss, the Berenstains created a cartoon version of their own family, and with The Big Honey Hunt (1962) began a series that would stretch to more than two hundred volumes. Starring Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Sister Bear, and Brother Bear, the books quickly became popular for their evocative drawings and simple explanations of wholesome themes. The stories sold more than 200 million copies worldwide and have been adapted as movies, television shows, and amusement park attractions. The Berenstains’ younger son, Mike, has overseen the series since his parents passed away, ensuring that it will continue to be popular with each new generation of young readers. 

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