• “Offers all the ingredients—intrigue, action, treasure to discover . . . that a fan of [historical fiction] hopes to find.” —El Correo

  • “Sanchez’s novel flows with clarity from one chapter to another. The dovetailing of events is masterful, and the ease of the prose immediately evokes the vividness of a film . . . The Antiquarian is a lesson in good writing.” —La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno

  • “A very exciting thriller . . . you will be glued to the book until the last page.” —Alto Adige

  • “A thriller that plunges headlong into the Barcelona of Zafón and Falcones.” —Eva magazine

  • “Sánchez respects the reader’s intelligence, reveals the necessary bits and plot twists at precisely the right intervals, and maintains perfect pace with multidimensional characters, which he wisely limits in number. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

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