• “I started reading The Magic Christian and I thought I was going to go insane . . . It was an incredible influence on me.” Hunter S. Thompson

  • “[The Magic Christian] is at once the most profoundly satiric and wildly comic account of our life and times in years.” Nelson Algren

  • “Terry Southern is the most profoundly witty writer of our generation, and in The Magic Christian he surpasses Flaubert’s Bouvard et Pécuchet, a work similarly inspired by conventional wisdom’s serene idiocy.” Gore Vidal

  • “Terry Southern is the illegitimate son of Mack Sennet and Edna Saint Vincent Millay.” Kurt Vonnegut

  • “Terry Southern was one of the first and best of the new wave of American writers, defining the cutting edge of black comedy.” Joseph Heller

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