• “We know now that you remain; we look upon you as transient because we are moving; your aspect changes in spite of your constancy as we sail by. . . . We, leaning over the waves from dusk to dawn, learn to distinguish transient things from the eternal isles.”  - André Gide, Urien’s Voyage

  • “They sucked in all the joy they could with a thirst, a mania, a sort of frenzy that struck us dumb with terror; it seemed that they were trying in this way to eliminate the time of remorse.”  - André Gide, Urien’s Voyage

  • “We set out one morning because we had learned through study that we must manifest our essence . . . knowing nothing of the tenebrous valley that connected the lofty room where we dreamed to the world where men lived—the valley so terrible and so mysterious that I expected death there, so tenebrous that my eyes mistook the waves for lights when finally I stood before the long-sought sea.”  - André Gide, Urien’s Voyage